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AATCC TM 22 Spray Test – Assessment of Water Repellencies of Textile Materials

Purpose and Goals

  • Evaluate and compare the water repellencies of multiple textiles in laboratory-controlled spray testing. 


  • Textile swatches will be secured into a 15.24 cm diameter hoop on a 45° incline with the face-side up and without wrinkles. 250 mL distilled water (27 °C) will then be sprayed onto the inclined surface through a standard 19-hole nozzle at a height of 15 cm from the center of the swatch. The hoop will be removed from the spray apparatus, tapped twice (once face-down, then once face-up), and then immediately rated (1-100) for wetting against the standard chart by two independent evaluators. 
  • Testing will include 9 total data points:
    • 3 materials (such as textile A, textile B, textile C)
      • Note: Please provide at least 1.5 square meters of each material.
    • 3 replicates per sample at each test condition
  • Optional: Testing will include representative photos of each tested material for an additional fee.
  • Optional: Alternate liquids (such as blood, vegetable oil, or bleach) are available for an additional fee. 
  • Note: Optional GLP services are available for an additional fee.

Data Analysis

  • Individual ratings and averages will be reported for each test material.