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AATCC TM 130 – Soil Release / Oily Stain Release

Purpose and Goals

  • Evaluate and compare the durability of multiple textiles in laboratory-controlled washing. 


  • Stain Release Validation
    • Multiple (5) swatches of the test material will be soiled with staining liquid (vegetable oil is standard) before 10x laundering cycles as detailed above. Soiling and laundering will be repeated for 5 total soil applications and 50 total laundering cycles to simulate long-term consumer use of the test materials. Inspection and evaluation of the washed materials will be performed periodically (such as before the first wash and then after every 10 washes) according to AATCC TM 130 to identify any residual staining and validate the laundering process. 
    • Alternate stain liquids are available for an additional fee, to best simulate real-world usage of the test materials in their intended market.
      • For example, blood, simulated feces, or simulated sputum are relevant soils to the healthcare industry, while hairspray and hair dye are relevant soils to the hair care industry.
  • If multiple textiles are submitted, please specify whether they should be laundered separately from each other (each with separate ballasts) for an additional fee.
  • Please note: upon request, these tests can include documentation, auditing, and archiving for an additional fee, but are not eligible for GLP compliance due to the off-site location of the Testing Facility.

Data Analysis

  • Data will be analyzed to determine the consistency between replicate textile swatches.
  • Data will be analyzed to determine the differences between each set of laundered material compared to the original state material control at each wash interval (such as every 10 cycles).