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Machine Wash – Home

Purpose and Goals

  • Evaluate and compare the durability of multiple textiles in laboratory-controlled washing. 


  • Home Laundering
    • Automatic machine laundering cycles will be performed according to the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists’ standard laundering procedure AATCC LP1 for home washes unless otherwise requested. 
    • Please refer to the standard terminology in LP1 to ensure accurate communication of the specific desired volume/temperature/speed/timing for washing and drying steps. 
  • If multiple textiles are submitted, please specify whether they should be laundered separately from each other (each with separate ballasts) for an additional fee.
  • Please note: upon request, these tests can include documentation, auditing, and archiving for an additional fee, but are not eligible for GLP compliance due to the off-site location of the Testing Facility.

Data Analysis

  • Data will be analyzed to determine the consistency between replicate textile swatches.
  • Data will be analyzed to determine the differences between each set of laundered material compared to the original state material control at each wash interval (such as every 10 cycles).